Edition Kopernikus / 004

Florian Heinisch plays Sidney Corbett - Postscript

About "Postscript"

The fourth Release features 6 piano works by Sidney Corbett. All pieces are played by Florian Heinisch.

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Postscript – Florian Heinisch plays Sidney Corbett

Edition Kopernikus / 004 (2017)

“Postscript“, is the debut recording by the young pianist Florian Heinisch, and a recording which provides testimony to this artist’s individual and unconventional path. The program for his first CD is devoted to the piano music of Sidney Corbett and features works that with one exception, “The Celestial Potato Fields“, composed in 2004, were all written between 2010 and 2015. Thus Heinisch has decided not only to focus on very recent music but also demonstates with this recording that he is an artist who has steeped himself intensively in Corbett’s musical cosmos and has given these works insightful and penetrating interpretations. Heinisch has worked very closely with the composer, whose “Postcript (to an unsent letter)“ was commissioned by and dedicated to the pianist.

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