Edition Kopernikus / 001

Sidney Corbett – The Longings

About The Longings

The very first release on our label features compositions by Sidney Corbett, played by the Modern Art Ensemble Berlin.

The first as well as the second release on Edition Kopernikus are a co-production with the RBB Kulturradio Berlin and was recorded and mastered in their own studios.

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Sidney Corbett – The Longings

Modern Art Ensemble

Includes booklet with linar notes by Volker Helbing.

Edition Kopernikus / 001 (2013)

The result is a minimalistic music that has next to nothing in common with Reich or Glass, but all the more so with Feldman.
This music on the one hand seems reserved, yet always is pushing forward and, despite all its restrictions, is in constant pursuit
of personal expression and an individual notion of the beauty of sound.
(Volker Helbing)

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